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Each year windows becomes scratched in production, shipping, installation, cleaning and vandalism. We offer a revolutionary process that allows removal of scratches, hard water stains, graffiti, and acid rain on-site.

The system consists of a vacuum wet sanding process using a jeweler’s rough compound. Minor distortion to glass may appear depending on the severity of damage.

In certain cases due to the extensive damage of deep graffiti scratches which cannot be repaired by the buffing process, we will use a “Resin Polymer Filler” blending scratch minimizing the visibility of damage. However, if you choose to install Graffiti Resistant Film, the visibility of scratches becomes less transparent.

Due to the circumference of machine, graffiti within one inch from edge glass cannot be repaired.

If caulking or framing around windows is not efficiently secure, glass may be prone to cracking due to the suction and pressure of the buffing machine. GSR and ASE are not liable for cracking or breakage of glass, or frame damage.


Virtually any high-traffic area with windows, mirrors or other glass surfaces is vulnerable to costly vandalism and smash-and-grab thieves.

GSR and ASE offers your windows and mirrors a simple and inconspicuous defense against vandals: A protective film that helps prevent scribing and other defacing of your base surface, yet one that vandals won’t even know is there. If vandals leave their mark, the film can be peeled off and replaced, eliminating graffiti and the need for costly repairs or replacement.

LLumar Magnum Safety and Security Film is a powerful deterrent to smash-and-grab thieves forming a strong and invisible shield holding broken glass in place delaying and deterring perpetrators.

The strength and protection is virtually invisible allowing excellent optical clarity without shadowing or yellowing your facility’s glass. Plus, LLumar Magnum blocks up to 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays preventing fading and deterioration of interior displays.

We also provide tints, and decorative privacy film for your commercial office space.

Film Maintenance and Instructions

Do not wash the film for thirty days after the installation. Visual changes during this time period are a natural part of the bonding process.

For best results, clean windows with a soft, clean, rubber squeegee or cotton cloth and common household strength glass cleaners. Avoid using any abrasive cleaning or industrial glass cleaners.

Depending on the product, it may take up to sixty days for the film to fully cure. Small water spots and milkiness will diminish and eventually disappear.

GSR films over all logos and stickers. When film is replaced, all logos and stickers are peeled off in the process. Any new sticker logos must be applied on the inside of glass as well as decorative paint.

A small gap around edge of film will appear due to the expansion and contraction of caulking and molding.

Severe weather, such as wind, may delay installation.

Most acids wash off.

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